In order to adapt to the growing number of wireless devices, we have changed the design of our wireless network.  In some cases, this will require wireless devices to be setup to connect to a different wireless network.  Please see changes below and connect devices as appropriate.
Wireless SSID: lcsd-ms
Authentication: Microsoft Username/Password (ie. Firstname DOT LastName)
Uses: Staff Devices(Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets, Apple Devices, etc. and Staff/Student District owned Windows laptops)
Connecting to this network will connect you as if you were connecting to our network with a wired connection.  It will give you the potential (depending on your device) to access local resources (ie. printing, H and G drive, chromecast/apple tvs).  If you need access to any local resources, we recommend that staff connect to this network.  If your device only needs internet access (ie. Google Apps, any websites), you can just use the wireless network “lcsd-connect” (see below).  
Go to the following link for “lcsd-ms” setup instructions on different devices.
SSID: lcsd-connect
Authentication: None
Uses: Student Devices (Including Chromebooks), Staff can use if just need internet access, Guests
Note: This is an open network (no authentication is required).  It is limited to only internet access (ie. Web Sites (including Google Apps, any web-based resource, and iPrint access).
SSID: lcsd-psk
Uses: Used by the tech department to connect devices such as Chromecast and Apple TVs.