Google Apps

   We have moved to a new Google Apps domain (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Sites)


New Desktop Shortcuts:
  • Email (Gmail) Webmail Login 

  • Google Apps (Email, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Groups)


  • All Google Apps
I was not on the list to have my Google Mesh account migrated....
    Look at these "Self-Migration Resources"

I want to get mail/calendar/contacts on my mobile device...
    Look at these "Mobile Device Setup" guides.

I want to keep using the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook...
    Look at these directions to "Sync Google with Outlook"

I need to let someone access my mail/calendar (or I need to access someone's mail and calendar)...
    Look at "Delegating Email/Calendar"

I want to setup up calendar resources (room/equipment reservations)...
    Check out how with "Google Calendar"