2020 Category 2

This bidding process falls under the USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) E-Rate program and is filed under FCC Form 470 #: 200014877 2020_144952_Lebanon Community SD 9_C2.

Qualifications, procedures, and directions for reviewing the Lebanon Community School District #9 Form 470 can be found at the following USAC website: 

Direct search of FCC Form 470s: 

Documents attached at bottom of page
  • Lebanon Community School District 9-Category2-BidItems.docx
  • 2020_Bid Evaluation_470200014877_LebanonSchoolDistrict.xlsx
**Any additional documentation that is added during this bidding process will be posted here and attached at the bottom of this page.**
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Questions and Answers/Clarifications:
**Any questions and answers  and/or clarifications that are posed during this bidding process will be added here**
(Updated 2/12/2020)

Question: When does the bidding window end?

Answer: The bidding window officially closes 3/3/2020.  Bids after this date will not be accepted unless we receive written notice (email, letter, or fax) requesting an extension before 3/3/2020.  Those requesting extensions must have their bid submitted by 3/14/2020.

Question: Looking at this it says install/config required but not much more info than that – I know that this gets marked sometimes but is not needed – Are you looking for hardware only?  There would be a ton of more info needed to be able to address the install and config side.  Please advise – 

Answer: We are only looking for hardware in this bid.
Peter Klingler,
Jan 31, 2020, 9:22 AM
Peter Klingler,
Jan 31, 2020, 8:55 AM