2020 Category 1

This bidding process falls under the USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) E-Rate program and is filed under FCC Form 470 #: 200002611.

Qualifications, procedures, and directions for reviewing the Lebanon Community School District #9 Form 470 can be found at the following USAC website: 

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Questions and Answers/Clarifications:
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(Updated 12/11/2019)

Question: What service term and bandwidths do you want quoted?

Answer: For this bidding window, we are seeking bids for our transport link from our data center in the Lebanon High School (1700 S. 5th St, Lebanon, OR 97355) to Linn-Benton-Lincoln ESD (905 4th Avenue SE, Albany, Oregon 97321).  Connections with a provider can either occur in our data center at the Lebanon High School (1700 S. 5th St, Lebanon, OR 97355) or at the data center in the City of Lebanon Justice Center (40 N 2nd St, Lebanon, OR 97355) (The district has a 10 Gb city-loaned private dark fiber connection from the High School to the City Justice Center).

We are looking for a 3-year contract.  Bids should quote pricing in 100 Mbps increments from 500 Mbps to 2Gbps.  See example below.  Final contract will allow the district to change speeds as needed (with reflective speed/price).

 500 Mbps $
 600 Mbps $
 700 Mbps $
 800 Mbps

 Continue with 100 Mbps increments to 2Gbps $

Question: Are you currently operating in a hub and spoke topography? Is there an interests in a fully-meshed network to establish a back up to the hub? What location is currently acting as the hub?

Answer: All schools terminate in a hub and spoke connection back to our datacenter in the Lebanon High School (1700 S. 5th St, Lebanon, OR 97355).  We are currently not looking at a fully-meshed network to establish a backup to the hub.  We might look at this next year when our contract for lit-fiber (Hamilton Creek and Land Lab) expires.  Our current connection between buildings is either privately own dark fiber or lit-fiber (under contract until June 30, 2021(Hamilton Creek and Land Lab), Point-to-Point Wireless (to be converted to lit-fiber this year)(under contract until June 30, 2029(Lacomb)).

Question: Is there a formal RFP for your service request? 

Answer: No

Question: For this E-rate season you have no sites that are currently using lit fiber circuits up for bid. Correct? All sites included in this request are currently served by dark fiber, right?

Answer: It is correct that we are NOT looking for connections between our buildings for this E-Rate season.  For this E-Rate window, we are only looking for bids for our transport link up to our ISP (Linn-Benton-Lincoln ESD).  See question 1 above.

Question: What is the due date for responses. Before 1-3-2020 your ACD?

Answer: We will accept bid responses up until our bid response windows ends on 1/3/2020.  If more time is required, please request an extension before 1/3/2020, and we will extend this up to 1/31/2019.  No bids will be accepted after 1/3/2020 unless a request for extension has been submitted beforehand.