E-Rate SIP Trunk

Questions and Answers:

Question:  What services are you seeking?

The district is seeking a SIP Trunk(s).

The district is in the process of upgrading their Mitel VOIP phone system.  The upgrade will consolidate the current Mitel phone controllers at each of our locations (8 locations) down to two virtual controllers hosted at our high school (Lebanon High School - 1700 S. 5th St., Lebanon, OR and Pioneer School - 500 N 5th St, Lebanon, OR).  

This request is for a SIP trunk terminated at the High School and optionally a second SIP Trunk terminated at Pioneer.  This SIP trunk(s) will replace our current voice T-1 (and associated DIDs) terminated at the High School as well as the many of the POTs lines currently terminating at each of our 9 locations.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Lebanon School District is currently under contract with another carrier until 2018.  This carrier thus far has not been able to fulfill their contract.  If the district decides to cancel its contract with its current carrier, we will replace this carrier's contract with the winning bidder.

Locations and Addresses:
    1.) Lebanon High School - 1700 S. 5th St., Lebanon, OR 97355
    2.) Pioneer School - 500 N 5th St, Lebanon, OR 97355
    3.) Cascades School - 2163 South 7th Street Lebanon, OR 97355
    4.) Green Acres School - 700 S 10th St, Lebanon, OR 97355
    5.) Hamilton Creek School - 32135 Berlin Rd, Lebanon, OR 97355
    6.) Lacomb School - 34110 E Lacomb Rd, Lebanon, OR 97355
    7.) Riverview School - 1011 Mountain River Dr, Lebanon, OR 97355
    8.) Seven Oak Middle School - 550 Cascade Dr, Lebanon, OR 97355
    9.) Lebanon District Office - 485 S. 5th St., Lebanon, OR 97355

Please respond by January 7, 2016.

Question: What are your inbound calling requirements?

    Question: How many new phone numbers (DID's) would you like for your new service?

    Answer: 0

    Question: Do you need DID's for multiple locations?
    Answer: We need DIDs to terminate at 1700 S. 5th St., but we need 911 services to map DIDs to appropriate locations.

    Question: If yes, what are the NPA-NXX's? 

    Answer: 258, 259. 401, 405, 409, 451, 570

    Question: How many existing phone numbers (DID's and POT lines) would you like to port over to your new service?
    Answer: 220

    Question: Approximately how many minutes of inbound calling on local DID's do you do each month?

    Answer: We do not have this information.

    Question: What NPA-NXX's will most of your inbound traffic be on?

    Answer: 451, 258, 259

    Question: Please provide a % breakdown of your inbound traffic over these NAP-NXX's:

    Answer:  We do not have this information.

    Question: How many new toll free numbers would you like for your new service?

    Answer: 0

    Question: How many existing toll free numbers would you like for your new service?

    Answer: 0

    Question: Approximately how many minutes of toll free calling do you do each month?

    Answer: 0

Question: What are your outbound calling requirements?

    Question: How many minutes of outbound calling in the continental US do you do each month?

    Answer: Around 5500 Minutes

    Question: How do you see this changing over the next 6 months, 1 yr?

    Answer: No change

    Question: Do you use an auto dialer?

    Answer: Yes

    Question: What is your average call duration in seconds for outbound calls?

    Answer: 118 Seconds

    Question: What % of your outbound calls are intra-state vs. inter-state calls?

    Intra-State: 78%
    Inter-State: 22%

    Question: Do you make international calls?

    Answer: Rarely 

    Question: If yes, what countries do you call the most?

    Answer: Canada

Question: Can you describe your internet connectivity, Switch/PBX

    Question: What kind of internet circuit are you using today?

        Internet (400 Mb leased fiber)

        T-1 (Current voice circuit calls)
    Question: Would you like a quote for alternatives?

    Answer:  Depending on whether quoting a dedicated circuit for voice traffic (replace T-1) or using just using existing 400 Mb link internet link.

    Question: What is the maximum amount of simultaneous SIP call that you plan on making at any given time?

    Answer: Current usage of our T-1 has us making maxing out at about 10 simultaneous calls.  This does not account for our current POTs lines (currently handles incoming calls) that we will be converting to the SIP trunk.  With that said, estimated max SIP trunks will be 25 to 30.

    Question: What kind of switch/PBX will you be using?

        PBX - Mitel 3300 MiVoice Business Virtual Controller
        Switch - Adtran Total Access 908e (3rd Generation)

    Question: What is the software version?

        PBX - Mitel 3300 MiVoice Business 7.1 PR1
        Switch - Adtran 

    Internet Connectivity: 
        Would you or the ESD or your provider be able to carve(dedicate) say 5-10Mbps for the voice traffic 
        or is there any QOS implemented to ensure that voice packets would be prioritized?

    Answer:  We use QOS on our Mitel phones and switches.  We are double-checking with our ESD regarding QOS (or dedicated bandwidth)        on the equipment out to the internet.  We will post their response when they respond.

    Question: You said "estimated max SIP trunks will be 25 to 30", so, are you asking for a quote of 30 concurrent SIP trunks?

    Answer:  This depends.   We know some companies allow for "bursting" (ie. temporarily allows for more call channels than initially            provisioned in order to accommodate bursts of high phone call traffic).  For a company that offers bursting, 25 would be fine.                     Otherwise, we would like a quote for 30.

    Question: Are you requesting information/clarification on the codec being used?  Will that be a deciding factor?

    Answer: Yes, we would like to know the codec being used (both from a quality standpoint and a compatibility standpoint).

    Question: You don't want 1 analog POTs lines with just local calling at each location?

    Answer: We have purchased an emergency prepaid cell phone for each location.  In case of an outage, we will want the ability to quickly     forward the main school/location number to this cell phone.

    Question: Do you have alarm systems that use (or mandate the need for) analog POTs lines?
    Answer: Yes, and they are in place and will not be removed.

    Question: In regards to the Mitel virtual controllers, you said you will have two at the high school, while the optional SIP trunk will be        terminating at Pioneer OR is the second virtual contrller going to be a Pioneer?

    Answer: The secondary virtual controller is at Pioneer.

    Question: Which organization, if any, is supporting your Mitel infrastructure?

    Answer: Lan Tel Services (based out of Eugene, OR) is performing the upgrade and post support of Mitel and local Adtrans.

    Question: Would it be possible to get a list of DID's & POTS numbers that needs to be ported ?

    Answer: Please refer to the following document.
                 NOTE: Please note, we need to port the whole range 541-259-8800 to 8999.  The linked spreadsheet has individual numbers                         from this range allocated to different locations (for 911 purposes).  Any numbers within this range that are not specifically                         allocated to another location, can be just allocated to the High School (1700 S. 5th St.)
                LINK: Numbers to Port

    Question: Do you have a CSR from Centurylink (Centurylink Legacy)?

    Answer: Please refer to the following document.
                  LINK: Lebanon School District - CSR

     Question: Are you leaning towards having an independent Internet connection for the SIP trunks?

    Answer: We are open to having separate quotes with and without independent internet connections.

    Question: What codec are you using for the Mitel?
    Answer: G711u